Managing Director Mr. Takashi Arai

Managing Director Mr. Takashi Arai

Born in Itami City, Hyogo prefecture in 1975, was raised in Osaka Senba and half Accenture Consulting division in Tokyo.
He is engaged in various consulting and projects, mainly IT and business.
・ Development of human resources salary system in the building industry
・ Strategy planning, development of personnel/organization strategy
・ Development and management of personnel systems in the entertainment industry
・ Planning and start-up of shared service center in China (Shenyang)
・ According to ABC / ABM, review of price strategy and organizational strategy
・ Reorganization of bases, business reform simulation, design of cost management system
・ Overall review of a business, etc.aimed at “Strategic finance · procurement department” project
・ Planning of next-generation management and production management system using RFID and IC card
・ New product development project (Proprietary ideas are commercialized), various business reform project

Managing Director‘s expectation

I had three unique experiences, consulting, investment, founder of IT venture.

Although they are different, we have consistently engaged in launching and nurturing new projects and projects in common.

I still can not forget the benefactors who gave me the opportunity. I got a chance, and I got a lot of learning. And there is me now.

In the future era, there is a great need for a shift in the big idea of ​​”creating work” from exactly “doing jobs made by people”.

Creating a truly new job will contribute to society.

Robotization and globalization are often expressed as things that deprive the work, but it is not so, I think that it is an era when truly human-like work will be created from now.

To that end, we are working on projects with the stance that necessary ideas and platforms are necessary.

One point is “to distribute the service on the web” Another aspect is “Asia”.

While multiplying these axes, I would like to do a lot of interesting projects to open up the future.

“That project is funny, but it’s awesome!”

It is my wish that the project called “project” will increase in the world.