The professional project to offer specialized services into the new businesses.

Belief : Creating a new job to the social contributions
Goal : Distributing new jobs to 10000 people.
Method : Born Global,Ownership, Be Honest

We can use good service anytime and anywhere, beyond the restrictions of place, the restrictions in time and the restrictions in a footing. We were adding to our experience to make such world achieved. Since our business was started at 2005 in Japan and 2012 in Myanmar, we are searching for the way to use quality high service beyond the restrictions of the location and time and was improving our ability.


  1. Process . . . 「Visualization of the situation」

    It becomes the stress of the person in charge because it is difficult to see it as isolated work.
    We have visualized the work situation by using various tools in our company.
    We also share the latest version of the ouput and prevent the situation of ” no way ” before it happens.
    Moreover, it is possible to communicate in Japanese.

  2. Leading to the improvement of the customer’s process

    Platform to make innovation by a new way.
    Goal : Distributing new jobs to 10000 people in the cloud project.
    Background : AI, business platform after robotization.
    「Distribution of services」
    「We can use services that can only be made by humans anywhere in the world」

Business fields

  1. Services that utilize marketing and education focusing on the processes of platform Funward Myanmar.
  2. Automation of Business Process (RPA).
  3. Software Development (IoT, web system etc).
  4. Myanmar Business Consulting

Contact Address

No.316/322,9 Floor,9B,Middle Block,Shwe Bon Thar Road,
Pabedan Tsp,Yangon,Myanmar
Establishment: 2013

Representative Staff

Takashi Arai

Nex-pro Founder & Chairman
Director of Infonic Corporation
Founder Deng Deok (Dalian) Religious Technology Co., Ltd.
Management Director Funward Myanmar Co., Ltd
Concurrent advisor to Sparks Asset Management Co., Ltd.